The Jersey Shore – words the evoke images of beaches, night clubs, drinking, and these guys.

Truth be told, The Jersey Shore used to be a nice place for all people to get away to for summer weekends.  Billy Joel waxes poetic how, “our fathers fought the 2nd World War, spent their weekends on the Jersey Shore, met our mothers in the USO – asked them to dance, danced with them slow…” 

Of course, Billy was referring to a different time, a different generation; the Greatest Generation.

Many are convinced that the Jersey Shore has since been tainted – greasy d-bags, Joisey trash, and the like.  But many towns along the Shore are still quite family oriented, and the beaches remain beautiful.

This weekend I’ll be enjoying some sun, beach sports, beers, and barbeque in Ocean City (NJ, not MD).  I went to the same house last year for Labor Day, and we had a blast.  I see no reason why this weekend won’t be just as fun, or better!  Unless The Situation show up…in which case my abs will appear superior – 1 big ab as opposed to his six little ones…

Be safe all!  Have an awesome Memorial Day Weekend!