So, my wife & I had been thinking about leaving NYC, or at the very least moving to a different apartment with a bit more space and a back yard.  Circumstances are keeping us where we are for now, though things could possibly change in the near future. 

Since we plan to stay put for at least a little while, we felt some upgrades were necessary.  First was getting a new car.  I’ve been driving the same 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse since 1999.  It’s still in great shape with low mileage, but it’s small and she doesn’t drive standard.  No sooner did we start pricing mid-sized sedans online (we’re so becoming suburbanites one day) that some fucker went and ripped the door handle off the driver’s side door.

Door Without a Handle

How or why this was accomplished is beyond me.  Had they wanted to break in, they would have.  Clearly, whoever did this was just being a dick, and probably made his friends giggle.  Laugh it up, fellas.    Luckily the repair is fairly inexpensive – the price to pay for parking on the streets of Brooklyn.

But our living improvements won’t be stopping with our transportation upgrades. Today, my wife asked if I would mind if she painted the legs of our wooden table and one of our three chairs to an off-white.  I was skeptical at first, but i the end told her to do what she wanted. She has a good eye for these things.

So we went to Lowe’s, got some primer, paint, and brushes, and she went to work while I watched the Mets game and drank a couple beers…like I said, it was her project.  And she’s off to a good start.  The legs and the chair are primed, and ready to receive the first coat of paint.  I think she’s right.  I think it will brighten things up a bit.

The Chair, now primed was a dark wood before - not matching anything else in the apt

The Table Legs, With the Tabletop in the Background


The Table & Chair should match this reclaimed window my old roommate found on the street

 Our next projects may include some new shelving for the bedroom & living room, painting accent walls in the living room, and in my office, and rearranging and putting up new pictures & art in the living room, bedroom, & office.