Brooklyn Flea
Fort Greene (Saturdays)
176 Lafayette Ave (btw. Clermont + Vanderbilt Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY
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The Flea at One Hanson (aka Williamsburg Savings Bank)
1 Hanson Pl. (at Flatbush Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY
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The traditional American (and French, etc) flea market has taken on a new definition in Brooklyn. A term synonymous with cheap goods has turned into a parade of overpriced junk, a hipster fashion show, and most notably (and the best part about the whole thing) a place to find some of the best food our humble borough of New York City has to offer.

If you take away the random vintage clothing and bric-a-brac, and leave the food what you’ll have is a wide selection of delicious, easy to eat food made of fresh, local ingredients. Red Hook Food Vendors – traditional Mexican taco trucks who used to dot the soccer fields near what is now Ikea Plaza have reemerged slightly more expensive, but still as delicious as ever. What used to sell for a couple of bucks is now $5 – still a bargain in this neck of the woods, and a favorite of my wife. This past Saturday she opted to wait in the short, but slow line for a spinach filled pupusa covered in traditional Mexican cabbage and other veggies while I settled on a $15 lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound, the popular lobster & shrimp shack on Van Brunt Street which came with a free bag of Cape Cod potato chips. While I would find it difficult to justify eating $15 lobster rolls more than once or twice a month, and only in the summertime, they do make a very good product. And to truly enjoy the flavor of the crustacean go with teh Connecticut version – slathered in butter, rather than the traditional Maine version which is heavy on the mayonnaise.

We ran into some friends, and bumper around for a little while. I got hungry again, so my buddy and I hopped over to The Good Batch for some $5 ice cream sandwiches packed cold in between two Dutch Stroopwaffles drizzled with salted caramel. Our ladies, busy picking out stencil letters for who-knows-what stared in awe as we ate our creamy treat, which I should add are outstanding!

But rather than stare in awe they found their own frozen treats with People’s Pops. My wife ordered a plum & sour cherry shave ice which was fairly inexpensive ($2), and rather tasty. My friend’s girlfriend got one of the more traditional ice pops.

Rick's Picks Pickles

We walked around a while longer looking for one particular vendor who specializes in old picture frames, but she was nowhere to be found.

Other vendors are listed below, and include local favorites Rick’s Picks pickles, Mile End – Montreal Jewish Deli, & SCRATCHbread among many, many others.

Having seen enough big plastic glasses, bushy beards, and straw pork pie hats for one day we decided to call it an afternoon leaving without our much needed frames, but happily satisfied in our stomachs. Sometimes the Brooklyn Flea will yield a gem – a vintage leather jacket, a nifty piece of art, or some other completely useless item. But it can always be counted on for some good, fun food, and an entertaining Brooklyn afternoon.

Food Vendors at Brooklyn Flea

Asia Dog
Blue Marble Ice Cream
Brooklyn Brew Shop
Brooklyn Soda Works
Choice Market
Choncho’s Tacos
Crop to Cup Coffee
Early Bird Foods & Co.
Fine + Raw Chocolates
The Good Batch
The Good Fork
Hot Blondies Bakery
Kors d’Oeuvres
Kumquat Cupcakery
Liddabit Sweets
McClure’s Pickles
Mile End
Milk Truck
Nunu Chocolates
People’s Pops
Pizza Moto
Plan B Foods
Ragged Butte Bison Jerky
Red Hook Food Vendors
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Rick’s Picks
Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta
Sigmund Pretzel Shop
Whimsy & Spice