Why am I just now discovering Minka Kelly?  And why (oh, why God) is it a mere 30 days before she marries Yankee-bag Derek Jeter?  FML…

Speaking of Jeter, I’m up in the air with who to root for in the post season.  I can say with full confidence that it will NOT be the Yankees  or Phillies, I would have considered the Twins, but a certain friend would never return the favor, so fuck that…The Reds?  Nah.  Rays?  Snooze…  Honestly, it’s a toss up between the Braves  & the Rangers.  I’m hesitant to root for the Braves for obvious reasons – years and years of Mets torture, but I would like to see Billy Wagner retire with a World Series ring.  Jeff Franceour plays for Texas now.  Two former Mets.  Two former and likeable Mets. 

What do we think?  Help!