Yesterday, I enjoyed probably one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had. It was thick and juicy, perfectly (under)cooked, and made from some of the tastiest beef. Upon asking about the spice content, I was informed that my burger was actually a combination of top sirloin, shell, chuck, and other beef butchered on site, and ground up with fat and all to make what had been sitting on my plate (and at that point in my stomach) so delicious. There is, in fact no special spice mixture used – only a little salt & pepper.

It’s meals like those that make you happy to live at a time when restaurants put so much thought into creating perfection. It’s meals like these that you wish would never end; that you could package them and take them home with you to pull out of the cabinet and enjoy at any time. But this burger didn’t make it past my table – and the time it would have even lasted in my refrigerator had I not been able to finish it in one sitting is questionable.

You’re wondering where this burger is from, aren’t you? Another time, I promise…

People have often confused beef jerky with the beef sticks often known as Slim Jim – a fine product, indeed but not jerky in the traditional sense. Real beef jerky is made with meat that has been cut into strips, trimmed of fat, marinated in a spicy, salty, sweet rub, or liquid, and dried or smoked with low heat or is occasionally just salted and sun-dried. The result is a salty, savory, or semisweet snack that can be eaten fresh, or be stored for a long time without refrigeration. Huey’s Chewies is a company that has taken this basic recipe, kicked it up a notch by expanding the marinading period (from the usual few hours to over a week) resulting in some of the best tasting jerky I’ve ever eaten.

The key for me is the meat. Like the restaurant where I got that awesome burger, Huey’s Chewies uses the best cuts of USDA choice beef in their recipe – not meat byproducts that may be found in other, inferior brands. “Our goal is to hear each customer say, I want more!” says Hugh “Huey” Mura, who along with his brother Glen started the company in Monmouth County, NJ. “That’s why our slogan is Gonna Want More!” He certainly said it! I first tried Huey’s Chewies at the Bear Mountain State Park Oktoberfest just a few weeks ago. I’ve since ordered a couple more pouches of the delicious jerky, both of which are almost gone – a testament not only to my love of beef, but to the recipe used in making Huey’s Chewies.

Huey’s Chewies debuted at the Bear Mountain Oktoberfest on Oct. 9th, and launched their homepage with only a live email for inquiries. They will be launching an order page soon. In the meantime, anyone interested in ordering Huey’s Chewies can do so by hitting the email link at the bottom of the homepage. The prices range from $7.50 for a quarter pound to $13.50 for a half pound, and finally $24.50 for a full pound plus First Class shipping, unless Priority Shipping is desired. In the coming months, Huey’s Chewies will be testing new flavors of meat and vegetable jerky. The process will remain the same: hand craft small batches, allowing time to blend the flavors of our all-natural ingredients, resulting in a taste sensation “not yet seen in the world of jerky lovers!”

For more information, or to order your own batch of Huey’s Chewies visit