This week we launched It’s 5 O’Clock Everywhere on  I didn’t even realize this when I created the section, but the only way to get to it is through a link on the front page, or through the e-mail announcement.  Kind of like a speakeasy, eh?

On Big Dan’s Ramblings, Dan asks the question ‘white lights or colored lights’ for the outside of his house?

I registered at The Fancy – a website kind of like my Amazon Wish List, but involving more people with really expensive tastes.

Will over at The Momentum of Failure is more than halfway through his 100 Days of Ties project, and asks readers to share their favorite acquisitions of 2010.

Jeremiah of A Headlong Dive shares his Sartorial Advent Calendar.

Later today my family is coming over for Hanukah, and tonight I will enjoy the season finales of Boarwalk Empire and The Walking Dead before getting to bed early so I’m nice and fresh for Monday.  It’s going to be an interesting week ahead.  More to come.


*Sunday Around the Web is something new I’m trying – a sort of recap of cool stuff I read about or found around these interwebs in the week before.  I hope you enjoy!