At this point we should all be aware that Bond 23 has finally been given the green light, and will feature the return of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007, and will be directed by Sam Mendes.  Much of the internet buzz speaks of the return to the glory of Casino Royale (2006) while leaving Quantum of Solace (2008) a distant memory.  I agree that Casino was a far superior movie, but let’s not discount Quantum completely.

Some positives included:

  1. Awesome car chase scene at the beginning with a sweet Alfa Romeo chasing Bond in his sweeter Aston Martin.
  2. Strawberry Fields.
  3. The airplane chase.
  4. Daniel Craig sporting Tom Ford.
  5. Sick MI6 technology (which unlike in old movies, actually made sense for the time.)
  6. Believable story line – why wouldn’t a sinister organization try to bribe a dictator?

I am excited to see what Sam Mendes will bring to the mix.  The countdown to November 2012 has begun…I just realized I will be 35 when this movie is released…geez.

Once I find an appropriate countdown clock it will be installed on this page.  And for more on my James Bond obsession check out my newest Tumblr appropriately titled 00 by clicking here or on the photo at the top left of the page.