It’s been reported that the Mets have agreed to a deal with pitcher, Chris Young pending a physical. 

The Mets do not have the All-Star starting rotation of say, the Phillies.  What they will have, though is a team of scrappy shit-kickers.  With guys like Ike Davis, Dan Murphy (potentially at 2nd base), Jon Niese, Big Pelf, and now Chris Young on the team they might not let antics from guys like Shane Victorino and Chase Utley slide quite so easily.  The Phillies may score more runs, but I could see the Mets throwing more punches.  If we can’t have a championship this year (and I’m not saying it’s impossible), at least they can give us some quality entertainment in the form of on-field violence (leave the other shit at home, K-Rod!)

I’m looking forward to this season like I’ve looked forward to every season.  Let’s Go Mets!!!