Like many, I get style inspiration not from catalogs or traditional men’s magazines, per se but from these good old internets.  I follow a a few style bloggers – some of whom I now call friends – as well as some random Tumblr blogs that provide daily inspiration on many levels including my own 00.

I don’t buy as much clothing as I used to, and have even tried selling a lot of what I’ve collected over the past few years for reasons such as simplifying, and just purging what I don’t wear – though sometimes it’s to make room for new stuff.  Usually the photos I find inspiring feature items I already have in my closet, but haven’t necessarily put together.  I’ve compiled a few of my favorite shots from the last year or so which I’ve filed under Spring 2011 Style Inspiration. (click images to view larger)

This couple looks like they were photographed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  While I don’t smoke anymore, and my wife is blond I do like what I see.  I currently own green chinos and a striped oxford, but for whatever reason hadn’t put them together like this.  Perhaps he looks better in it because he’s slimmer than I am (something I’m working on.)  I would go with this outfit this spring minus the white bucks.  Not sure I would even want to pull those off, but who knows?  In the mean time, I would probably sport this with white Jack Purcells or tan desert boots…and I’d be in Cobble Hill.

Staying with the white theme for a moment, I like this image from an older J.Crew catalog, and could probably pull it off very easily with what I have in my closet now.  Last spring I purchased a pair of white jeans from J.Crew and have a sweater that looks like this one.  I also have a khaki trench.  I hadn’t thought of wearing my camel sweater with white jeans, but I guess I could.  I’d have to borrow my dad’s MG to recreate the image though.

Moving on to work looks – again as I lose weight I feel better wearing certain things.  For a while there it was just bad.  Winter was easy because you throw on a sweater, and that’s it.  But in the spring, I like to tuck in my shirt and not feel like my belly is hanging over my belt.  Getting there… Anyway, for most days that I actually have to leave my apartment for work (I work from home) I would probably sport something like this – and can do it entirely with items currently in my closet including the Ray Bans.  I just got a new work bag/brief case that’s sort of like this one, but less messenger, and more computer case.  Same look though.  I could probably do a variation on this theme most work days.

Just a few more…

This is an image that caught my eye today.  I’ve seen it before, but hadn’t thought of it prior as something I’d like to pull off.  however, I recently got a pair of lighter grey trousers like these and was trying to think of how I could wear them besides with loafers and a button-down.  I like the idea of a khaki linen sport jacket.  J.Crew is currently carrying one in a herringbone pattern that I may strongly consider.  Again, I’d probably ditch the white bucks in favor of a black loafer or a suede driving shoe, and I definitely would skip the ankle bracelet.  I wear two pieces of jewelry – a watch and my wedding ring.  I’m not into all the accessories.

I don’t own a Vespa, but I do have a bicycle.  Hardly the point though.  My favorite shirts are of the gingham variety – I probably have 5 or 6 in various colors and check size.  I recently got a pair of navy chinos tailored, and would certainly sport this look for work, weekend, or on my next European adventure (we’re thinking Ireland or Italy or Portugal or Pittsburgh…)  He seems to be wearing tan leather driving loafers, which I do not own, but I have a pair of suede desert boots in a similar color that would probably work just fine.  I’ve also been eyeballing a pair of Persol sunglasses (the ones Daniel Craig wore as James Bond in Casino Royale) that would complete the look…though, my Ray Bans would do the trick just fine in the mean time.

For this last look, I just clipped an image from the current lineup of J.Crew items.  I’m a realist.  Since I don’t leave my apartment much during the week (except for meetings and occasional travel) I throw on jeans and a t-shirt, sit at my desk, and work.  At lunchtime I like to take a walk (today I cleared snow off my car, then moved it for alternate side parking), and on those early spring days I’ll want to throw on a light jacket.  This one is a $325 Baracuta.  I have no intention of buying this.  It’s nice – don’t get me wrong, and probably a good investment, but it’s just not in the cards right now.  One of my other recent purchases (I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself and buying a lot of new stuff, but honestly it was only like 3 items) was the J.Crew Factory version of this in black cotton without the elastic waistband and cuffs.  It’s now sold out, or I’d post the photo and link.  It’s perfect for what I need, and with a discount they were running it cost me less than $25.  I can almost guarantee it will be the item – along with my regular jeans, chinos, t-shirts, desert boots, and Sperry’s – that I get the most wear out of this spring.