Regular readers of Crabapple know that there are few things I covet in life more that watches, sunglasses, and socks.  I find myself buying socks more often than I care to admit – saving the larger scale purchasing of the other two for more prosperous and special occasions. 

A few years ago I picked up the Longines Hydroconquest Automatic with the stainless steel bracelet at a sample sale in New York for probably about a third of the retail selling price.  I wear this watch probably 80% of the time.  The other 20% I switch between a Tissot with a brown leather strap, two dressier watches from Longines and Raymond Weil, and a couple Timberland watches. 

In the movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig plays James Bond 007, and wears an Omega watch during the Bahamas scenes that looks similarly to the Longines pictured at left.  My thought was it would be really great to have a nice, sporty, yet sophisticated-looking watch to wear in the summertime with a rubber strap.  I priced the Omega, and told myself to forget it – too expensive.  I’ve been so happy with my Longines that I searched for one with a rubber strap, and sure enough this one came up.

It’s essentially the same watch as the one I wear now, but it has the chronograph feature (which my current watch does not have), and the rubber strap.  The Omega was priced at over $3000, while this puppy averages at around $1000.  It’s not cheap by any means, but it’s certainly more attainable.  And while I’d like something like this for the summer, I also have no intention of running out tomorrow to buy one.  That would be careless on my part.  No, instead I will wait either until they have another sample sale (which could be this November – check out The Choosy Beggar regularly for updates), or until I’ve earned enough points on my Visa to get it for nothing.  The latter will be quite difficult as my first purchase with Visa points will most likely be a telephoto lens for my Canon DSLR.  But I’m getting ahead of myself…