Suit | Light Grey Wool GX Suit from Bonobos, $570

The summer suit presents a challenge for many men.  For me, the main question is, do I bother?  I do not wear a suit every day.  In fact, I very seldom wear any of the three suits I have – 1 every day navy, 1 every day charcoal, and 1 more formal black except for meetings and weddings.  Well, it turns out I have a few summer weddings this year.  I could certainly get away with sporting the charcoal or navy suit, but something inside me is itching for a suit of the lighter variety.

The common route to go for a summer-weight suit is cotton.  I had a cotton suit at one time – wore it to a summer wedding.  Got something on it, didn’t notice for a long time, and the next time I thought to wear it, well let’s just say the damn thing was ruined.  That’s no reason to not get a cotton suit though.  The biggest problems are the wrinkles, and the fact that this suit will need to be cleaned more often than something of the wool variety.  Same goes for linen.  I would like to get a new cotton suit one day, but for now I think I will stick to wool, and if I get something new it will be in the lighter-weight wool variety, and lighter in color like the one shown here from Bonobos.

At $570 I would hardly call this suit cheap, but in the grand scheme of things, considering its fabric, construction, and details it’s valued probably right where it should be.  The GX Suit features a two-button jacket with working sleeve buttons and a slim lapel.  It can be purchased with a simple silver lining, or a funky paisley print.  The pants are the traditional straight fit that Bonobos is famous for with a curved waistband, and an extended button closure.

I could see myself wearing this suit to all my summer weddings, summer meetings (switched up with the navy), and perhaps I’ll even create additional occasions just because I can.  And since that dark plaid shirt and heavy wool tie won’t cut it in the summertime, the right shirt, tie, shoes, belt, socks, and pocket square are needed to round out the ensemble.  I didn’t have to look around too hard to find some great options.  In addition to Bonobos, three additional very cool online shops Howard Yount, Graham Withers, and Run Of The Mill Shop helped me to round out the perfect warm weather look. 

Shirt | White Run Of The Mill Spread Collar Oxford, $105

Tie | Personality Blue and Purple Plaid Tie available at Bonobos, $150

Shoes | Howard Yount Cognac Brown Double Monk Strap, $349

Belt | Leone Braconi Cognac Leather Belt with Silver Buckle available at Bonobos, $175

Pocket Square | Graham Withers, $20

Socks | Cobalt Blue Vertical Stripe Socks – Cotton Mid Calf socks by Marcoliani Milano available at Howard Yount, $22.00