Recently my friend and fellow blogger, Big Dan of Big Dan’s Ramblings mentioned to me that he’d been wearing the same pair of brown slip-on shoes to work for pretty much every day over the last few years.  He wants to get a new pair of shoes, but really doesn’t know what to get.  Now, I will never claim to be a men’s style expert especially when compared to many of the other men’s style bloggers out there, but for Dan’s purposes I told him I would be more than happy to help. 

That’s when he and I put our heads together and realized that, holy schnitzel this could be a fun project.  Because Dan not only wants to update his shoes, but his entire closet – pants, shirts, sweaters, etc.  While I’m not going to go out and pick out clothes for Dan I can certainly point him in the right direction.  While there are many brands and labels to choose from, I know Dan would prefer I keep it as simple as possible, and within certain budgets.  So don’t expect a crazy transformation with obscure labels.  Readers of Crabapple, and of the sales and labels I cover on The Choosy Beggar will know I’m not about that anyway.

Throughout the course of next week we’ll break it down piece by piece – giving Dan suggestions for updating his wardrobe in a way that fits his build, his lifestyle, and his budget.  Alternate suggestions to my picks are encouraged.

Monday – Shoes, belt, socks, and t-shirts for work.

Tuesday – Pants for work.

Wednesday – Shirts & sweaters for work.

Thursday – Get this guy a suit!

Friday – The finishing touches.