The calendar says Spring, but the real-feel temperature is keeping the winter clothes in rotation.  Hopefully that will all end soon, making way for me to break out my new (and old faithful) spring duds.  But in the meantime, rather than getting my 10-year-old American Eagle peacoat cleaned prior to putting it away until November I am still wearing the damn thing.  And that’s ok – I’ve kept it as long as I have because it’s reliable.  It’s warm, and keeps out the elements.  Especially in this last harsh New York City winter it was my go-to coat for at least most of the week.

Skip Brooks of Alex Grant recently posted a list, Peer Review: Go-To-Coat listing with photos, a number of men’s style bloggers’ go-to coats.  The one pictured above actually belongs to the fine fellow who runs Junctioned, but looks enough like mine.  And wouldn’t you know, Skip published my quote about my go-to coat – all the more reason to get it cleaned, and properly stored so I can wear it for yet another New York City Winter.