This image from the new J.Crew catalog shows a dude with a goofy look on his face wearing close to my late spring/summer uniform.  When working from home throughout the winter, I often threw on jeans, a t-shirt, and my heavy wool shawl-collar cardigan.  Moving into the warmer months, I have already begun to think about putting it away for the season, and moving towards something like what is shown in the photo which has traditionally been topped off with a navy hooded sweatshirt.  While there is nothing wrong with such a look sitting at home on my computer trying to make big sales, I can safely say I prefer the comfort and look of the shawl cardigan to my hoodie. 

Contrary to popular belief, the modern cardigans to not make one look like Mr. Rogers if worn properly.  The cardigan shown comes in a heavy-gauge cotton, and reminds me more of something an old salt would wear rather than a children’s show host.  Most days I would throw it on over a t-shirt, but I would feel equally as comfortable wearing it as a jacket alternative over an oxford shirt and chinos. 

The $98 price tag makes me hesitate to take the plunge until it goes on sale.  But with the current cardigan craze (aka – this shit sells out), and the fact that this would replace not one, but three existing articles of clothing (that’s the new house rule – 3 out for every 1 in) makes it all the more tempting.  And having given up on adding any new shoes to my wardrobe this year helps me justify it even more.