Every year I like to buy myself either a new watch, or a new pair of sunglasses.  Over the last two years because of work/financial situations I’ve been conservative on purchases only buying a pair of Ray Ban Caravans because I actually needed new sunglasses.  I don’t need a new watch right now even though I am eyeballing that Longines Hydroconquest Chronograph with the rubber strap.  Like the watch, these Persol sunglasses would be an unnecessary, yet wonderfully luxurious purchase.  The lenses are probably as wide, but not as tall as say a Ray Ban Wayfarer.  Like my every day glasses, these fit my face properly, and damn do I love the color.

I’m not gonna lie – like the watch, these shades are inspired by Casino Royale. Daniel Craig wears this exact model in a few scenes.  Pierce Brosnan & George Clooney have even been spotted in these.  And who wouldn’t aspire to be at least one of those guys for a day, or to at least look as cool as the do in sunglasses?

That’s what I thought.