J.Crew Sun-faded pen-stripe oxford shirt $68.00

Most men will agree that there are few shirts better than a good oxford cloth button-down.  I have a number of them – most of which have been purchased from J.Crew.  After weeding out my closet a couple of weeks ago, I’m left with a solid blue, solid white, and solid pink, plus a blue striped one.  The blue stripe has never been a great fitting shirt – one of a few I actually ordered from jcrew.com rather than buying it at the store – and have been searching for a replacement in recent months.

Does anyone else notice that when you order a shirt from them they come in bigger than when you buy them at the store?  I am not tall – I push 5’9″ when standing completely straight.  And I lift weights, so (coupled with a gut) I have shoulders and pecs, and I need to buy Large shirts most of the time.  Seriously, most Mediums pull across the chest.  So what I usually get is a shirt that fits fine across the chest and shoulders, but hangs down towards my knees when worn untucked.  Not good.

J.Crew’s new Sun-Faded Pen-Stripe Oxford could be a good replacement.  At $68 it is mid-priced, and from my favorite store.  I would have to go to the store to try it as I now refuse to order their shirts online.  The 484 Broadway store is a fairly quick subway ride, so that could be considered.  Plus, I still want to try the Cotton Shawl Cardigan and a new pair of cargo shorts.


Lands' End Canvas The Heritage Striped Oxford $39.50

The Lands’ End Canvas Heritage Striped Oxford was another I considered.  I ordered it recently in Large as the reviews said it ran small.  I don’t know who was trying these things on because it does NOT run small.  It fit ok across the chest, but was horribly long.  The quality of the cloth is also not great.  It is very thin.  I like an oxford to have some substance to it.  I will be sending it back.

L.L.Bean Signature Pinpoint Oxford Striped Shirt $59.00

L.L.Bean Signature offers a dressier oxford that has a point collar rather than a button-down.  It looks great on the model, but may be dressier than what I have in mind for my purposes.  What would make me consider it though is a $50 L.L.Bean gift card I still have burning a hole in my pocket.

GANT Rugger Old Loom Striped Oxford $115.00 at Bonobos.com

My other favorite brand when not going head-to-toe J.Crew is GANT.  They make the best fitting sport jackets (for me), and the styling is fairly classic.  Their Rugger line is a younger, sportier, slimmer-cut version of the classic namesake.  Their version will probably fit right, but at $115 is about double what I want to pay.  The sample sale is due soon, however and may be worth waiting for.

Rugby Striped University Oxford $59.50

Should the J.Crew option not fit, and the GANT Sample Sale be a wash, I may consider the University Striped Oxford from Rugby.  At $59.50 it is priced on par with the J.Crew version.  Other shirts I have purchased from Rugby have fit very well across the shoulders and chest, and have not been too long.  Again, I could hit the Union Square shop while in Manhattan so this is a very viable option.

Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit Washed Oxford Stripe Sport Shirt $79.50

Finally, Brooks Brothers last year came out with their Extra Slim Fit shirts.  I purchased a few of the dress shirts which fit me wonderfully.  I don’t love the double flap pockets, and from what I hear these shirts tend to run long.  This is fine for wearing a dress shirt, or tucking in the oxford sport shirt.  I would tuck occasionally, but not always.  That’s what weekends are for – going untucked.

This week I plan on going into Manhattan, and will likely swing by both J.Crew and Rugby.  Expect a follow-up.