What’s not to love about Drew Barrymore?  She has everything most guys could want in a woman.  She’s beautiful, funny, sexy, talented, and from what I hear she’s also really, really sweet.  I just watched one of her romantic comedies, Going The Distance with Justin Long (who she apparently dated for some time.)  The movie was ok – it had some funny moments, and my first ever crush Christina Applegate, but was otherwise forgettable.  But she was great.  She was her usual adorable self.  She was drunk at times.  She even participated in a little self-gratification.  You know what I mean.  But why Justin Long?  The guy is a complete tool.  Why not me?  Oh yeah, I’m married.  Sorry, babe.  Apologizing to Drew; Kristina would understand.  Drew is, after all on my list.