I came across this photo on Tumblr recently, and if these are not the most perfect-looking pair of wingtips, I don’t know what are.  Between the medium chestnut color, smooth leather, blucher (rather than oxford) styling, rounded toe, broguing detail, and the heavy Goodyear welt they are by far one of the best looking pairs of shoes I have ever seen.

The problem is I don’t know where these come from.  Looking at different shoes like Alden, Florsheim, Allen Edmonds, and even Tommy Hilfiger, many shoes posses some of these features, but I am having a hard time finding exactly this.  Does anyone know the origin of this photo?  And, if so who belongs to these shoes?  And if the owner is reading this now, please tell me where you got these.  I don’t want these shoes; I NEED* them.  The Aldens I linked to above seem to be the closest match; although they look darker in the photo.  I should probably stop looking for them online, and just get out there and look for them.  I live in New York City.  Shoe stores are everywhere.  I should be able to find these.  The quest begins…

*Ok, I want them – just trying to emphasize my point.

Update | 10:11 AM

Found these Aldens on the Leffot blog.  The post is from last September, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stock them.  These look exactly like the ones pictured above.  For those of you who know Alden shoes you will know that these are not cheap.  $450 not cheap.  These would be a large purchase.  An investment in my future.  I have some things in the works, and if they happen that I will feel more comfortable taking this plunge.  For now, I will dream.  Is it weird that a 33 year old married hetero man is dreaming about shoes?  Whatever…