The silk knit tie is one of those things that for a long time I thought of simply as a throw back to the ties my dad wore in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  He called them sock ties.  I never thought about wearing them until in 1998 I got a job working for Emporio Armani.  Part of our uniform was a black, silk knit tie cut like a regular woven tie (with a V bottom as opposed to the more popular squared off bottom.)  I liked the tie a lot, and still wear it to this day.

Last Spring, while in Paris I picked up another silk knit tie cut the more popular way – narrow (about 2 1/2″), squared at the bottom, and loosely knit.  I love this tie, but find that because it is navy flecked with white that I have a hard time wearing it with many of my shirts which are gingham.  The one shown above with the navy dots is bolder than the one I own.  For this reason, and to branch out into additional colors, I decided to take a chance with the $15 ties from The Tie Bar.

These ties  have been highly recommended and photographed on blogs, and in numerous publications.  I received my ties yesterday, and so far I think they’re great!  I don’t wear ties often, but I feel like these are ties I could go to in a pinch on most occasions.

I started with a solid navy, one with navy, green, and yellow stripes, a bright green one, and for good measure, a tie bar.  Each item was $15.  I imagine I’ll get the most use out of the solid navy.  That coupled with the one I got in Paris, my regular rotation of silk ties, and the other two newbies from TTB I should be pretty much set through the summer for all my neck tie-wearing needs including…

Plaids and…

Stripes as shown in these photos taken as part of a series on Rugby suiting by F.E. Castleberry of Unabashedly Prep.