With so many men’s style bloggers opening up their own online shops or designing their own pieces for other labels, I thought it might be fun to see what a few pieces might look like with my own logo attached.  To do this all I needed was Photoshop and some ideas.  I looked to my favorite store, J.Crew for inspiration, and to “borrow” some images for my own use*.  The results of my little experiment look interesting, to say the least.  And who knows, maybe one day I will be tapped to do this for real.

I started with the item I wear most often come spring and summer, the polo.  For a long time I had trouble finding pique polo shirts that fit me properly.  I am not tall.  I clock in at about 5′ 81/2″ on a good day.  But where I lack in height I make up for in width.  When I’ve purchased MEDIUMS in the past they usually fit ok until the first washing.  The length is usually fine, but I can’t fit the thing around my back or my arms.  So, I started trying LARGES.  These fit much better throughout except 9 times out of 10 they’re too damn long.  My design would be cut for guys like me – stocky.  I like the vintage-inspired nicking and washing that J.Crew does with their polos, so I would most likely start with something like that offered in 4 or 5 colors with my Crabapple logo embroidered over the left breast in contrasting color.  The tag would feature the full logo minus the Crab as shown up top.

For my next item, I chose socks.  Yeah, socks seem pretty simple, and they are.  I just happen to have an obsession with socks.  If this actually came to fruition I would probably mix in a good number of solids in colors other than your basic black, grey, and navy, plus stripes, and maybe even some crazy argyles – all stuff I like to wear.  I’d stick the Crab up top near the calf – knitted right into the sock, and the logo printed on the bottom of the foot.  Awesome!

For my final item I chose boxers.  As consumers we have 1001+ choices for underwear.  Many men choose to wear knit boxer briefs, or something else more close-fitting.  I, on the other hand prefer the feel of the loose-fitting, classic woven boxer.  You can have a little more fun with the patterns, and frankly I find them to be more comfortable than the closer-fitting options.  I chose a gingham pair for this little experiment because gingham is by far my favorite pattern to wear.  I didn’t worry about the tag as you can’t really see it in the photo, but I stuck the Crab logo (which again would be embroidered) down by the left leg opening.

Whether or not I’ll ever get the opportunity to create my own line of clothing items is up in the air.  It’s not something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, but it could be fun.  Maybe one day…would you wear it?  Let me know.


*Images used are intended for entertainment purposes only. Crabapple is not in any way using J.Crew images to create or manufacture actual clothing items.