I posted this video last year around this time, and the year before…

I guess the reason I keep coming back to it is because it seems to represent a big part of the American dream, or at least my version of it.  As a kid from Long Island, I grew up at the beach.  We didn’t have our own beach house, but my family would do weekends at Jones or Tobay Beaches, and week-long vacations in Montauk (before the recent influx of d-bags.)  In recent years my beach trips have changed – we sometimes go to a friend’s house on the Jersey Shore.  For a couple summers, we met my wife’s family at Lewes Beach in Delaware.  And for some odd reason, my wife also likes the beach at Coney Island.  I will always stay loyal to the beaches of the south shore of Long Island.  They’re mostly crowded, and can get dirty, and dead hookers wash up on shore, but they are still my favorite.

One day I would like a beach house of my own either in Newport, RI or somewhere else in the NE area.  I love it up there.  I know that goes against what I said about being loyal to the LI beaches, but as I have changed the beaches have changed, and my preferences have changed.  We’ll see where this summer takes us.  We haven’t made any plans yet for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or any other weekend.  I guess we’ll just play it by ear.  After all, isn’t that what summer is about?