A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo I found on Tumblr of what I considered the Perfect Wingtip.  I updated that post with a pair of Aldens I found on the Leffot Blog which I thought were a damn near close match.  Since posting that, I have been to the remodeled J.Crew store on lower 5th Ave in Manhattan, and have again inspected the Alden® for J.Crew waxed Longwing bluchers and have realized that these, in fact are the shoes I have been looking for all along.

I realize that what attracted me most to the shoes in the Tumblr photo were 1) the welt, 2) the color, & 3) the brogue detail.  The version Alden produced for J.Crew possesses all of these details.  And with some good wear, will eventually develop the broken-in patina of the ones that I have been searching for.

The problem, of course is actually acquiring these shoes.  They retail at J.Crew for $470.  Non-J.Crew Alden shoes retail for just as much, or more if you choose to purchase shell cordovan.  Recent circumstances leave me in no position, what-so-ever to be purchasing a new pair of shoes, let alone a pair that retails for $470.  I plan on putting a good number of items up for sale on eBay over the next week or so, however the proceeds from those sales will most likely be put towards buying myself a couple new shirts in size Medium – yes, I have passed a threshold in my weight-loss and need to start sizing down.  So, where do the new shoes come in?

I figure a pair of shoes like these are best worn in the Fall.  They would look wonderful with a suit in the summer too, but I’m putting the goal at Fall.  I have certain deals in the works which could result in an increase in funds, and should these deals come to fruition, I have promised myself (and have received the spousal endorsement) that I would buy myself these shoes as a gift for a job well done.

Because, while it may appear that I spend money like it grows on trees, the truth is I just like to write about, and think about possessing many of these items.  If I say I bought something, then I did.  But when you get to a certain point in life where other purchases may become more important – say, an apartment (or house), baby clothes (no, not yet), groceries, life insurance, vacations, etc. then clothes have to take a back seat.  The trick is to find the balance between needs and wants, putting your needs first, and hopefully having enough left over for those things you want.  I’m hoping I can get there.  For now, I have plenty of shoes to wear to business meetings, weddings, and every other thing I do in my life.  These beautiful wingtips will wait.  I will own them.  One day.