It’s that time of the month again; the day J.Crew puts new items on its’ website, and releases a new catalog.  It will be a matter of days before I get the catalog in the mail, but it’s always fun to give it a look online

I don’t think there’s anything revolutionary in this month’s releases, but there are a few pieces that stand out.  First, on the cover they show a version of the Ludlow jacket, sized by number (ie. 40, 42, etc) in a thin grey pinstripe.  Shown with a white t-shirt and khaki chinos, it would make a great casual option for a cool, late spring day into evening.

On the page featuring new dress shirts and ties, a blue tie with white stripes jumps out at me as a crisp summer neckwear option.

I’ve always been a fan of New Balance sneakers for athletic situations, but have stuck with Converse for basic, casual outfits.  However, I may now reconsider having looked at these rusty orange suede kicks.  I like infusing a bit of subtle color into what I wear, and this would make for a great option.

Not featured in the new catalog, but new none the less is this Authentic Anorak for $188.  I would wear this on my father-in-law’s boat, to a back yard party, making s’mores over a beach camp fire, to the golf course (if I still played), to the Mets game (assuming I have tickets to a game that doesn’t get rained out,) or really anywhere.  Great piece!

Finally, how could I not want this Crab t-shirt?  They always mark graphic t-shirts down, so I will happily wait until that happens…happily.