This Ludlow linen herringbone jacket is currently on sale at J.Crew for $279.99 less an additional 30%.  The question is, should I, or shouldn’t I?

Reasons why I should:

  1. I noted in my spring sport jacket post I link to a few different jackets that resemble this one.
  2. The price is right.
  3. It’s a great-looking spring sport jacket.
  4. They have my size.
  5. It’s two-button and slim.
  6. I know the Ludlow jackets fit me well.
  7. It would go with many things I own including chinos (as shown), grey wool trousers, black pants, or jeans.
Reasons why I shouldn’t:
  1. I’m unemployed, and therefore…
  2. …don’t have a disposable income at the moment, and…
  3. …don’t really have anywhere to wear it at this time, and don’t know when I will, plus…
  4. …I have other sport jackets I can wear at this time should I need one, however…
  5. …this one is awesome, and the price is right even though I definitely should NOT be spending the money.
So, there it is, kids.  My dilemma.  What should I do?