My grandmother – my mom’s mother, Kathleen Edwards – passed away this morning at the age of 86, just shy of her 87th birthday.  My grandmother (shown above with my grandfather, Lorne Edwards) lived in small towns of Ontario, Canada all her life, finally residing at a nursing home in Whitby.

My grandmother and grandfather both served in the Canadian Navy during the 2nd World War.  They had 5 children including my mom.  We would travel to visit twice a year when I was little, but unfortunately I never got to know either of my maternal grandparents very well.  My grandfather died in 1990.

The last years of my grandmother’s life had been spent in nursing homes.  She had been sick for a number of years, and a few years ago began to lose her memory as her physical health slowly deteriorated.  I visited a couple years ago at Christmas, and was surprised that she (appeared as if she) recognized me.  I am sad to say that it was the last time I made the visit, and the last time I saw my grandmother.

At the time of her death, my grandmother was surrounded by my mom, aunts, uncles, and cousins, all of whom loved her very much.

Grandma Kathleen “Kay” Edwards
August 11, 1924 – June 9, 2011