Most of the style blogs out there tend to not cover underwear.  What you wear under your pants is very personal; very close to your boys, and does not normally need to be discussed.  However, I have struggled over the last few years to find what I consider to be a perfect pair.  I believe I have finally found them.For half the year I prefer to wear good, old fashioned woven boxers.  In the cooler months, I find them to be comfortable, and nonrestrictive.  It’s that other half of the year when it’s warm and muggy outside that these just don’t work for me.  There’s the sweating, the riding up, the chaffing.  It was a constant struggle.  So, I tried wearing boxer briefs.  Last summer I picked up some classic Jockey boxer briefs, and a couple pair by Nautica at Marshall’s.  These were in addition to the sportier pairs I was buying at Target by Champion for going to the gym.  The basics were better than what I was used to, but they got very warm, and still rode up.  I thought it was hopeless.

Earlier this season I was at the Woodbury Commons Outlets in Central Valley, NY and went into the Jockey store.  I needed new gym underwear, and thought I might find something.  Jockey makes a Sport Performance Athletic Midway® Brief in a stretchy nylon – almost like those old Spandex shorts from the 80’s.  The midway brief is longer than a traditional boxer brief – ending a couple inches further towards the knee.  I bought a 2-pack.  After trying them for a week at the gym I vowed to buy more.  These were the best fitting workout underwear I ever used.  I was determined to buy more.

By my next outlet trip the weather was already warmer, and my everyday underwear woes had begun.  When I returned to Jockey I picked up another pack of the Athletic briefs, and saw a 3-pack of their new Staycool Midway briefs.  I figured they were worth a try.

Long story short, I’ve been wearing them for the last few days.  They really work.  They claim to keep you 3 degrees cooler.  While I’m not sure of actual numbers I can say I walked around Newport, RI for an entire day and sweat less, and they did not ride up at all.  When I returned home I went to Macy’s and bought two more packs.

I will be throwing an old boxer brief burning party.  Details to follow…


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