I’m kicking off a week of style posts highlighting movies put out within the last five or six years whose leading male stars have exuded a personal style – with the help of good costume designers – that have inspired me in my personal style.

Last year’s sometimes confusing, yet extremely entertaining hit, Inception starred Leonardo DiCaprio as a dream warrior of sorts.  He and his team dressed to the 9’s in nearly every scene.  The popular choice among the style bloggers was Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He’s young and slim, and his clothes in the movie were great.  So were those of Tom Hardy.  However, I preferred the classic style of Leo.  He wore sharply tailored, yet classic suits, simple v-neck sweaters, and an incredibly soft-looking brown leather jacket.

I’ll admit I didn’t care for Leo much in the earlier days of his adult career.  I was most likely tainted by Titanic.  However, after seeing him in The Departed my opinion changed.  He’d matured as an actor, and his style (in the movies) matured along with him.  At my age, and in my career the clothes he wears in this movie (as well as those who will follow later this week) translate well to my life.

What I would like to know is who makes the jacket he wears in the photo above?  And who made the suits?

I guess we’ll just need to go deeper…