I continue my Style Inspiration week with another bit of simple style portrayed in the most elegant of ways in Mr. & Mrs. Smith by none other than Brad Pitt.

In this film, Brad plays John Smith against his future flame, Angelina Jolie.  The Smiths appear to be a normal couple, but are actually both assassins.  Neither knows that the other does this for a living, and eventually it comes back to bite them each in the ass.  In the mean time, though we get to see them in their suburban element complete with the big house, two German cars, stainless steel clad kitchen, lots of guns, and respectable wardrobes.

John (Pitt) sports sweater vests and zip sweaters, tweed coats, and tailored suits.  There is nothing extraordinary about the clothing picks.  In fact, they are quite ordinary.  But they are also very well coordinated for a guy who is supposed to appear to be in construction.  I sell retail display systems.  I meet with retailers, architects, and fixture manufacturers.  I can’t go into most of these places wearing khakis and a polo, nor can I dress like an investment banker.  Many find this in-between sort of dressing to be a challenge.  But taking a queue from Mr. Smith would help the most helpless dresser.

Gun and silencer are optional.  Arm candy that looks like Angie is a must!