It’s hard to stand out when your co-stars are Scarlett Johansson and Matthew Goode, but Jonathan Rhys Myers does a bang up job in the Woody Allen masterpiece, Match Point.

Match Point is a classic rags to riches story with twists of infidelity, greed, and murder.  Chris Wilton (Myers) lands a job as a tennis instructor at a posh London club.  He befriends his client, Tom Hewett (Goode) who introduces Chris to his sister Cloe played by Emily Mortimer, and his American girlfriend, Nola (Johansson).  Chris strikes up a romance with Chloe while also dipping his wick into an affair with Nola.  As his relationship with Chloe progresses so does his career within the family business.  With the bigger responsibility in the company, and the higher pay comes the introduction of the fancier clothes.

The story goes south when Nola becomes pregnant with Chris’ child.  In order to keep his high-class lifestyle intact he opts to murder Nola, and makes it look like a botched robbery.  The police get hot on his tail, but a lack of evidence keeps him out of jail, and his secret safe.

His wardrobe consists of a lot of suits and ties, tailored shirts, and luxurious knits.  Whether or not I would choose to kill to keep such things is up for debate.

I mean, Scarlett, or wealth and nice clothes…?  Tough call…