I consider Michael Douglas’ revival of the role of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps to be the dark horse of this week of cinematic style inspiration.  Gordon Gekko is an investment banker.  I am not.  I do not dress like one.  I do not inspire to be one.  However, his clothes play an important part in this movie…which…paled in comparison to the original. 

The movie begins with Gordon being released from prison.  Later he is signing books, and meets Jake Moore (Shia LaBeouf), his son-in-law to be.  Gordon comes off as a changed man, but when the bottom falls out in 2008, and Moore needs to get into his fiancee Winnie’s (Carey Mulligan) trust fund to invest into an alternative energy company in need, Gordon Gekko returns as the man we loved (and hated), and uses the cash to start up a new investment firm in London.

Suddenly, his hair gets slicked back, his suits get more tightly tailored, and his daughter hates him.  There is a scene where we see Gekko shopping at London boutiques picking up new suits, jackets, and shoes.  It is a moment of inspiration.  It is a moment of extravagance.  It is a moment that shows what greed can get you.

Greed is good?  Maybe sometimes…