Tis the season for the new Fall offerings to begin trickling into stores.  While it’s still scorching outside, the air conditioning inside stores makes you think of sweaters and coats and boots, right?

Well, even if it doesn’t you can’t ignore that the stores are thinking Fall, and so should you.  Lands’ End Canvas is no exception.  Their new items have begun to show up on the website, and in my opinion it’s just ok.  I am never overly impressed with their merchandise, though a few pieces did catch my eye.

First, the new Crosby Moc Toe Lace-Up Boot ($149) (above) is a nice alternative to the more expensive (and probably better made) Alden Indy Boot.  It’s a good-looking boot, and practical for Fall city wear.  Would Dr. Jones approve?  Perhaps.  I’d be curious to get feedback from anyone who purchases them.

I’ve had a bit of experience with the Lands’ End Canvas pants and shirts; neither of which I am a big fan.  The outerwear, however I have enjoyed.  The new Rugged Windbreaker ($69.50) seems to combine form and function, and a reasonable price.  If I continue to build on my fishing and sailing enjoyment of late, this may make a nice addition to my arsenal of jackets.

Finally, they have a new 1963 Work Bag ($130) which is not all that different (looking) from the Filson computer bags.  The construction, I’m sure is not nearly as good as the Filson, however had I not purchased a Filson brief case earlier this year I may have considered it.  Same with the boots.  I bought a great pair of Wolverines a couple winters ago.  These look nice, but I just don’t need them.  I might consider the work boots that look like Red Wings though, as my Timberland work boots were retired at the end of last winter.  We shall see…