This is not a reader question to me; rather it is my question to my readers and other style blogger friends who care to offer their valued opinions.  What I’m looking for is another suit, and I don’t know what to get.

My new job is a sales position that keeps me out of the office visiting clients at least two – three days a week.  Sometimes I am on the road, sometimes I fly to see clients, and other days a quick subway ride will get me there.  I like to throw on a suit for these meetings, especially when it’s a meeting with a new or potential client.  I don’t know their corporate culture, and I want to make an impression.

I am currently bouncing between two suits – my charcoal Ludlow and my navy blue Ludlow suits from J.Crew.  I bought the first of the two early last year, and the second one some months later.  I like the fit and the styling.  My thought – why mess with a good thing?  I currently have a third suit – a black Hugo Boss that I wear on more formal occasions.  I don’t like to wear this suit for work functions.  It’s too dressy.  What I want for my second third suit (get it now?) is something a little more practical.  If I found something that fit me as well as the Ludlow I’d consider it, for sure.  However, J.Crew also offers this suit in navy or charcoal glen plaid (above, left), and navy or charcoal pinstripe (above, right).  I want the pants to be able to be worn with a sweater, or just a shirt, and the jacket to be able to be worn with different pants – cotton, wool, or jeans.

So, here’s my question – is it more practical to go with the pinstripe or the glen plaid?  And in which color?  My first reaction would be the charcoal pinstripe.  But I also kind of like the glen plaid.

And there’s my dilemma.  If anyone has any thoughts on this, please share.  I’ll probably pull the trigger within the next few weeks.