Please pardon my lack of posts lately.  I have been very busy with my new job – traveling a lot, spending time with my equally busy wife when she’s not at work.  It’s weird – we both started new jobs around the same time.  We both went from doing not much at all, and spending a lot of time together to this.  I guess we can’t complain though.  At least we’re bringing in two incomes again, right?

And because of this I’ve set some personal purchase goals for myself.  In addition to getting paid again, I’ve started selling items on eBay that haven’t seen much work outside my closet, and I’m saving the earnings towards a greater goal.  If you read Crabapple often, you know what this goal may be.  I’ll let you figure it out.

We’re headed up to Boston this weekend for a wedding.  This will be my third time in Boston in two months.  I hope to start posting more regularly again next week.

Enjoy the weekend!