Every couple has, or should have what they call a list – his and hers.  On this list is a group of usually ten women (or men on her list) that we are allowed to “be with” even though we are married.  My wife and I each have a list that we keep in our own heads.  Mine is constantly changing depending on my mood and what might be on TV.  Today I thought I would share my current list.  Enjoy!

Kate Middleton (above) aka Princess Catherine | The Royal Treatment | no chance

Deborah Ann Woll | The Token Redhead | Favorite Vampire babe on True Blood

Elisha Cuthbert | The Classic | This Girl Next Door will always be a favorite.

Natalie Portman | The One That Got Away | Because she grew up in the town next to mine and…I don’t want to talk about it.

Mila Kunis | The Character | Because she voices the ugly chick, Meg on Family Guy

Marion Cotillard | The Parisian | Because she’s reason #56,649 to watch Inception over and over and over and…

Erika Christensen | The Real Girl Next Door | Because you always wished a girl like this lived in that window, and not your neighbor’s grandmother.

Rachel McAdams | The Wholesome Mean Girl | Because I said so

Olivia Wilde | The Tall Chick | Because she was probably not this hot in high school.  Because she was probably lanky and slightly awkward.  Because she knows how smokin hot she is now, and so do I.

Minka Kelly & Leighton Meester | The Interchangeables | Because they may as well be the same girl, hence I get two for the price of one.