The other day, I walked through the J.Crew store at 484 Broadway and happened to brush up against this beautiful sport jacket.  What got me to stop at first was the way it felt.  Constructed of Joshua Ellis cashmere, this jacket clocks in at a whopping (for J.Crew standards) $995.  It is available only in this light charcoal herringbone.  Do I need this jacket?  Nope.  Would a jacket like this get me through numerous occasions like business meetings, gallery openings, cocktail parties, high holiday services, autumn walks in the park with my wife, our anniversary dinner at somewhere special for years and years to come?  Absolutely! 

So, why would I not choose to buy it on the spot?  For starters, $995 is still $995 no matter how much use one would think of getting out of an item.  But when I tried it on, it was almost as if it was meant for me.  With the exception of shortening the sleeves, I would have to do nothing to it.  It comes in the new signature J.Crew Ludlow fit, has a double-vented back, two-button closure, and flap pockets.  It would be a timeless investment.  But is this where I want to drop nearly $1,000?

There are, of course other perfectly acceptable options:

There’s the Colburn Tweed for $278.  It looks similar, minus the herringbone pattern.  Though it probably wouldn’t feel quite as luxurious.

There’s also the Italian Wool Ludlow Sport Coat on sale for $199.99.  My size is still available.  Logic would say, “Sam, in a matter of days, J.Crew will probably mark this down another 30%, and you can have it for $140.”  Logic would be correct, and I would most likely jump all over it anyway…and I probably will assuming my size is still available at that moment. (Good things come to those who are patient)  But it is a spring/summer weight jacket.  And it is missing that luxurious cashmere feel.  And if by some chance the fit is off (this often happens when ordering from the J.Crew website) I won’t be able to return it as it is a FINAL SALE item.