I stayed pretty quiet about baseball this season.  My beloved New York Mets got off to a lousy start, teased us mid-season with some nice winning streaks, traded Carlos Beltran, lost Ike Davis and Chris Young for the season to injuries, and finished the season with a losing record.  High points definitely included some very interesting rookies like Lucas Duda, Josh Satin, Mike Baxter, Nick Evans, Justin Turner, and Reuben Tejada, and of course, Jose Reyes winning the National League batting title – the first for a New York Mets player.  I really hope they are able to resign him in the off-season because I love the energy he brings to the game, and to the ball park.  He’s a great player, and in my opinion more of the quintessential Mets player than even David Wright.  I will miss watching the Mets for the next 6 months, but that doesn’t mean baseball is over.

The post season starts tomorrow, and even though there are three teams that I hate I think I will be able to pick one to root for.

National League Round 1

Phillies vs Cardinals – these are two of the three teams that I absolutely despise.  The Cardinals because of 2006 – I don’t think I will ever shake the facial expressions of Yadier Molina after hitting that homerun, or of Adam Wainwright after throwing strike 3 past Carlos Beltran.  The Mets tried to play the spoiler in their last series, but one win out of three just didn’t do the trick.  The Phillies are almost as arrogant, if not more so than the Yankees.  Yes, they have a great pitching staff, but they still blame any issues that have on the Mets.  Makes sense, I guess.  I mean, if I lived in Philadelphia – in the shadow of New York I would feel inferior too.

Diamondbacks vs Brewers – I really don’t care who wins this series.  Milwaukee has been playing hard for a number of years now, and probably deserves it the most.  Arizona is one of those teams I like because of how they embarrassed the Yankees in 2001, but other than that they mean nothing to me.

Hopefuls – I hope the Cardinals beat the Phillies in a 3 game sweep, and go on to play the Brewers who take it in 4 games.  Then let the Brewers kick the crap out of the Cardinals for being such egomaniacal douche bags.

American League Round 1

Tigers vs Yankees – anyone who reads this blog knows how much I hate the Yankees, their fans, their stadium, their borough…ok, I don’t hate the Bronx – you can get great food, there are beautiful parks.  It’s all good.  This could be the most exciting series of the entire post season, or it could be a big bore.  The Tigers got to the World Series in 2006, and abruptly lost to the Cardinals (they should have lost to the Mets.)  I’m definitely rooting for a Tigers win in this series.

Rays vs Rangers – this is another series that is almost meaningless to me.  However, both teams have almost tasted victory over the last few years, only to have it taken away.  It is a shame that one of them will be eliminated in the first round.

Hopefuls – I hope the Tigers kill the Yankees.  I mean, not just win the games, but kill the team.  You know, maybe Justin Verlander can bean A-Rod in the face with a 93 MPH fastball.  Or Miguel Cabrera can stab Robinson Cano in the eye.  In the other series, I hope both teams win, but that’s impossible.  Really, I would be happy for either of them, and I would be happy for either of them to go on to beat the Tigers.

My team – I think that for the first time in a long time I’m rooting AL right off the bat (pun intended.)  I hope the team I get to root for is either the Texas Rangers of Tampa Bay Rays (deal with it, Dan – the Sox blew it!)  I would also be willing to root for Milwaukee in the NL, but only if they are playing the Yankees or Tigers.

We have a few interesting weeks ahead of us.  Let’s enjoy it!