Good morning!  I realize I have been absent lately.  A world without Crabapple posts is like a world without…crabapples?

Lots of things have kept me away – mostly work, but also a new project I have been thinking about for some time, and have finally put together, and launch today, my new site Cut + Basted.

Two of my favorite things in this world are eating well and dressing well.  This is a blog about both.  I live in New York City, and travel quite a bit for work.  I am always seeking out restaurants that not only deliver with quality food, but also those that look good doing it.  With the current trends in both food and style leaning back towards dressing it up a bit more, my searches, especially here at home have led me to some fine establishments.  At Cut + Basted I aim to share those experiences with you.

Check out the montage video I created, then head on over to the site for a look.  Feedback is welcome.  And feel free to follow on Twitter and Facebook.  Regular Crabapple posts will resume.