My first six resolutions for 2012 per my post a couple weeks ago all include some version of slimming down, losing weight; getting back into shape.  Every year for the past six or seven years I’ve had this in my list of resolutions.  Every year starts off great, levels off somewhere around the summer, and completely falls to shit come fall.  It’s not for lack of trying – I tried pretty hard in 2011.  It’s more like a lack of discipline.

That’s why my mantra fr 2012 will be to ask myself on a daily basis (many times during the course of the day, in fact) “What Would James Bond Do?”

It’s a fair question.  In 2006’s Casino Royale, Daniel Craig (above) killed it with his action sequences, perfectly tailored suits, and of course his physique.

If you watch the movies and read the books you’ll see that James Bond makes choices; choices in what he wears, what he eats and drinks, what gun he uses to kill the bad guys, etc.  I don’t carry a gun, and I don’t shoot bad guys (though, living and working on Smith Street, sometimes I get that urge…), but asking myself What Would James Bond Do? at certain times would help me to avoid making poor choices in purchases, in ordering breakfast, etc.  Would James Bond order chocolate chip pancakes?  No.  He would order scrambled eggs with chopped chives, whole wheat toast, and black coffee.  Would James Bond hit the snooze button until 7:00?  Nope!  He’d drag himself out of bed at 5:30 to get in his morning exercises.  Would James Bond order Red Bull & Vodka?  Ok, bad example.  I would never have ordered that kind of crap anyway, but you get the idea.

Starting January 2nd I will ask myself in my daily life that very question, What Would James Bond Do?  Will this help me lose weight?  Will this help me to concentrate better at work?  Will this help me to avoid buying that…whatever stupid thing the bloggers are drooling over?  Perhaps.

My biggest goal is still to slim down, and to staying slim.  So, in addition to asking myself that daily question, I am also asking for the help of my friends.  Every Monday I am going to post a photo of myself (Don’t worry – it won’t be shirtless) as a way of motivating myself to stick to my healthier eating and regiment of exercise.  Feel free to offer encouragement or criticism – they’re both helpful.  Regardless, I know what I need to do, and I’m going to do it.  What Would James Bond Do?  Check back starting next week to find out.

Happy New Year!



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