When the *bleep* did I get to 198 pounds??  Had I stepped on the scale this morning and seen just two more pounds I think I would have screamed loud enough to wake my wife (who still has one more day off work.)  Last spring I got down into the 170’s.  I felt great!  I looked great too!  At what point did it all turn?

I’m sure it was over the summer – I figured, “Hey, I’ve lost weight. I can drink those beers and eat all those wings and ribs and burgers, etc.”  But no.  I was only halfway to where I wanted to be.  And slowly, but surely I put the weight back on.  It peaked this past November when I was in Europe and couldn’t resist the morning croissants and evening libations.  Plus, the food was outstanding!  And Thanksgiving?  Christmas?  Forget it!  I figured I’d continue to exercise and eat what I want, and I’d be fine.  Nope!  I can barely close my pants.

But, that’s all ok.  Today is the beginning of a new year.  I will slim down this year, and stay slim.  Every Monday morning I will post a photo and that day’s weigh-in.  Yesterday, I continued the New Year’s Celebrations with food and booze, and finished the day with take-out Chinese.  So, some of this could be water weight.  Gut willing, by this time next week I’ll be closer to 192.  Fingers crossed, kids.

Wish me luck.  I can use all the help I can get too, so feel free to leave comments of encouragement.  Or should I forget to post my photo one week, go ahead and remind me.  Because nobody looks good with a double chin…