Spring is a few months out, but in my mind it’s never too early to start thinking about new seasonal purchases.  At this point, I am less than a week into working towards my lean spring/summer ready physique, so clothing purchases are indefinitely on hold.  The holiday season was good to me, though.  I have two gift cards – $50 to J.Crew and $25 to Saks – waiting to be spent on just the right items.  While I think about what I may want this spring, I decided to do a little experiment in budgeting, and see what I would really want assuming I limited myself to $1000 in spring purchases INCLUDING the two gift cards.  Here goes…

-$298 | Bonobos Shamus Navy Mackintosh-Style Raincoat (above)

Sabir Peele of Men’s Style Pro reviewed this recently, and seems to like it.  I’d been toying with purchasing a new raincoat – mine has seen better days – and have had my eye on this one since they launched it last fall.  Is it something I absolutely need?  No, but it would be nice to have.  And in navy it would go with nearly everything I own.  It’s kind of a no-brainer.

$466 | Alden Snuff Suede Penny Loafers

Last summer, Jeremiah Simmons of A Headlong Dive picked these up and made them his go-to summer shoe.  Last summer I switched between a pair of burgundy penny loafers, and black penny loafers for work, plus my Sperry’s, sneakers, or desert boots for casual days.  This year, I’d love to pick up a pair of these for myself.  The color is the perfect balance between brown and tan, and would work nicely with khaki, grey, or navy.

$145 | Timex Andros Watch from J.Crew

Eight days out of ten, I wear my Longines Hydro Conquest watch.  One of the other two I wear a Tissot with a brown leather strap.  It’s that one remaining day that leaves me bouncing between a couple older slim, sporty watches that I really don’t like; switching out the grosgrain straps…it’s annoying.  I like the bulk and weight of the Longines, and this Timex is the same idea, but with the more casual strap options.  With the standard issue blue I can be a sailer.  Switch it to black, and I’m James Bond.  Switch to green, and I’m…wearing a green strap.  You get the picture.  **This is currently 25% off at J.Crew, so I may take the plunge sooner than planned…maybe.

$65 | J.Crew Slim Fit Broken-In Chinos in Navy Blue

I don’t have a photo, but you can imagine what these look like in Navy.  I’ve seen them in the store, and they are quite nice.  I already have them in khaki and in grey, so the navy version would round out my options for the warmer months rather nicely.  Easy.

$25 | Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Moisturizer with SPF 15 from Saks Fifth Avenue

The sun is strong every month of the year, but with the extra time spent outside in the warmer months, it pays to have a good moisturizer with sun protection.  I usually use Nivea from the drug store, but for the sake of the post let’s pretend I’ll buy this stuff…or maybe for the sake of my integrity as a blogger **snicker** I just will go ahead and buy it.  Take that, haters!

So, I have $1 left.  Now what?  $1 can’t even buy a hot dog at Nathan’s.  But I’m trying to slim down.  I shouldn’t be eating hot dogs anyway.  What would James Bond do?  Fine, I’ll buy a bottle of water.

And there you have it – $1000 well spent.