One of the problems I face in trying to lose weight is I love food.  I used to write a food blog.  I currently (sort of) run a restaurant photo blog, Cut + Basted.  I love food.  But you know what?  It’s just food.  Still, I’m not one of those people who can live on two shakes plus some nibbles and a healthy dinner every day.  It doesn’t work for me.  I don’t feel satisfied.  And once you finish those types of diets, you gain the weight back because it didn’t make any sense.  On the same token, I also can’t do what I’ve been doing.  Sure, I’ve eaten fairly well for most of the week.  Then on Friday I say I can have a few drinks because I earned it.  But then I have another one on Saturday.  And then we get a day like last Sunday where I go to watch the Giants game and indulge in a few chicken wings, and two beers, then go have a dinner of amazing salty roasted pork goodness, another couple of beers, and pudding for dessert.  And that, my friends is why I only lost .1 pounds this week.  I should be losing 1-2 pounds a week.  But this is good.  It forces me to take notes, and create limits for myself.  DON’T drink four beers and eat chicken wings on a Sunday.  DO get in that exercise 5 days per week.  DON’T have that extra drink because I think I earned it.  DO reduce portion size.

This week, I am traveling.  I have dinners planned with friends tomorrow night and Thursday night.  I’ll eat what I want, but only half of what they put on the plate.  Or if I don’t want to limit myself like that, I just need to remember to eat slowly, and when I feel like I’ve had enough, I stop.  And I won’t drink.  No matter where I go to eat.  They serve club soda in bars too.

Hopefully, next week I’ll post again and it will be something like 192.  Then 190.  And so on…  Because, this just isn’t working…yet.