The semi-annual Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale begins on Thursday, February 16th.  Normally, I swing by when I can; maybe picking something up like a shirt or a tie, but most of the time I just don’t really need or want anything special.  This time around, however I had in mind a new pair of black wool dress pants, and a navy blue dress shirt (not to be worn together.)  The pants should be easy.  Navy dress shirts, however are a little harder to find.

Last night I was flipping through Tumblr and came across this get from Sartoria Bagnoli, a Neopolitan label.  While I’ve liked the look of glen plaid jackets for a while now, I’d failed to see how or where I could put it into use.  Seeing this image I knew how to finally wear a jacket like this, and thought it would be something kind of cool to wear to some of those industry parties in Las Vegas (coming up in two weeks.)

I highly doubt I will find this exact pair at the BNY Sale, but going into the sale with something specific in mind instead of wandering around aimlessly will give me focus, and will allow me to move through the sale with a goal in mind.  Once I find items that meet my requirements, I will try them on, buy them, and leave.  Should I not find what I am looking for, I will just leave.  I will not spend an hour inside wondering if I should buy some stupid sweater or socks that I don’t really need.

It takes patience, sometimes to navigate these sales, and if you don’t go in with a focus, you can get lost in the mix, and never find your way out.  It’s fun to challenge myself.  Wish me luck.