It’s a rare occasion when I endorse an article of clothing from anywhere other than J.Crew or Gant, but here goes.  I love these sweaters from Uniqlo.  That’s right, Uniqlo!  It’s what I would call Japan’s answer to GAP, but with a lot more style, better cuts, and nicer fabrics, for less of your hard-earned cash.  For my readers outside of New York City, I’m sorry to say that Uniqlo only has US stores in my fair city (at the moment), so you may have to wait a while (or take a trip here) before you can get your hands on their offerings.

When they first opened up shop in SoHo, I didn’t care much for the store.  The cuts were too narrow, and I just didn’t get what they were trying to do.  However, I took the plunge a few months ago on an umbrella on a cold, rainy New York day and found that I’d just spent the best $12 of my life.  It is the perfect umbrella.  So, when I returned a few days later I decided to try on a sweater.  They were running a special on their cashmere, so I tried on a light grey crewneck.  I loved the fit, and purchased it that day.  Fast forward a month, or so to me looking for a new raincoat.  I’d seen an option on the Bonobos website that looked like something I would like, but to be honest I hate ordering sight unseen.  So, I decided to look at Uniqlo.  What I found was an option with a removable lining, in black, removable belt, on sale for $79 (below).  I’ve now worn it on every rainy day we’ve had this “winter” and it’s been perfect.

The other day, I was passing by yet again and decided to try their cotton-cashmere v neck.  With my recent weight loss, my size Large sweaters have been looking a little baggy, and disheveled so I wanted to see if I could find something reasonable, and fitted, but not too slim.  So, I picked up one of these (top) for $39.90, and I love it!  The fabric is nice, the fit is perfect, and it didn’t coat all that much.  I plan to go back and pick up a couple more in additional colors, and maybe even one of their washable cotton crew necks for $29.90 (top).  These will be great for that winter to spring transition, and those cool summer nights.

For those of you who do not have easy access to Uniqlo yet, just wait.  You’re in for a treat.  I’ve yet to try any pants or woven shirts, but who knows?  Maybe I will.

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