I’m back on track, and I couldn’t feel better about it!  I spent the majority of last week in Fort Lauderdale at a sales conference.  We had breakfast and lunch catered at the hotel.  Options included eggs, bacon, sausage, croissants, muffins, etc for breakfast, and various meats, salad, pasta, and desserts at lunch.  I managed to not only eat only the healthiest options offered (aside from little slivers of cake), but I even asked for a special order of oatmeal on the second day, and they gave it to me.  Dinners were a little harder, but the first night I ate chicken, the second – tuna, and the third, well, chicken again.  Sure, I drank beer and had some fried calamari, and went a little over my alloted Weight Watchers points on a couple of days, but I survived.

Part of my success this week definitely had to do with exercise.  Even though I didn’t hit the hotel gym even once (I was told it was small, and was like a sauna) I managed to do push-ups every morning, and even ran outside twice.  And that brings me to another interesting point.  There are some poignant differences, I noticed between running in Brooklyn, and running in Fort Lauderdale.  Three stand out in my mind:

  1. It was 75 degrees and sunny as opposed to the current 35 degrees in New York.
  2. The terrain is a heck of a lot flatter in Florida.
  3. And finally, runners in Florida say hello to each other where in New York, we ignore other runners.

I get that on each of my Florida runs last week I saw maybe two other runners, as compared to here when I pass maybe 20-30 people during a run.  I thought about this on Sunday while doing my run through Brooklyn Bridge Park.  People do whatever that can around here to avoid eye contact.  I was ready to consider this a solid theory until a woman who was running towards me smiled and said something that looked like good morning.  I had headphones on, so I couldn’t hear her, but in seeing her expression, and the assumed gesture I immediately said good morning.  Even if she was telling me my shoe was untied (it wasn’t) at least she had someone tell her good morning.

Later this morning, I board a plane for Las Vegas.  It is another business trip, but there will still be breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and drinks with clients and friends, and I will need to remain aware of what I am consuming.  And I cannot; I will not make excuses for not exercising while I’m there.  I wonder if the runners on the Las Vegas Strip are as friendly?