It’s that time of the month again – the time when J.Crew mails out their new catalog, and I flip through looking at all the neat stuff I don’t really need, but want anyway.  For March 2012, they brought their models to Uruguay.  I once worked with an Uruguayan woman.  It was at J.Crew in Roosevelt Field Mall.  Her name was Claudia.  I wonder what she’s up to these days?  Anyway…the photos are beautiful, and they feature some nice options for menswear this Spring.  Here are a few highlights…

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Of course, the catalog isn’t only about the scenery.  They expect us to look at the clothes, and maybe go online to see some of the other options.  And of course, some caught my eye, and gave me ideas, and well, you know the rest.  Here are a few I liked…

Irish Linen Camp Shirt $88

I’m not normally a linen shirt kind of a guy, but I really liked the idea of this one.  I could see myself wearing this with a pair of slim chinos, or with shorts, or faded jeans on a summer evening out with friends.  The nice thing is you can roll the sleeves, and button them at the top giving you that safari (?) look, or something.  Would be good for tropical travel too.

Lightweight poplin slim camp shirt navy $72.50

The regular fit in medium may work just fine.  But in case it doesn’t, there’s always slim fit in large.

Bowery Wool in Classic Fit $118

  I have been toying with the idea of purchasing these in black, and maybe in navy too.  I don’t think I need grey right now, but if I love them, maybe I will get all three.  I tried a pair of pants on over the weekend at Epaulet, and while they fit in the waist, they were horribly narrow in the leg.  Who wears pants like this?  My guess is it’s guys who aren’t very athletic.  The Bowery pants in classic fit may be the perfect balance of form, function, and value.

End-on-end Utility Shirt in Langley Plaid $72.50

I don’t have much interest these days in too much plaid, but this one caught my eye.  The balance of pattern and color is nice, and springy, and would look good with most other things I currently own.

Wallace & Barnes Fircrest cardigan $168

I have been largely unimpressed with the Wallace & Barnes options to this point, but I do like this cardigan.  Looks like something Hemingway would have worn.  I don’t like those slim, dainty cardigans.  This one has some meat to it.  Meat is good.

London Undercover™ City Gent Lifesaver umbrella $152

Purchasing this would be completely irresponsible.  I have no need for a $152 umbrella.  I have a $14 umbrella that I love.  And they all break in the wind.  But, damn this is a nice looking umbrella!