Anyone who has been following this blog for some time knows that I watch a lot of movies, and am a fan of these movies inspiring my own personal style.  Therefore, I decided to create a new series in which I take a movie that has a lead male character whose style is something I find to be inspirational.  The series is called Dressing The Part (you like that?), and the first character I’ve chosen to review is Gil Pender, played by Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris.

Kristina and I saw this movie in the theater.  We’re both big fans of the city of Paris.  I loved the scenery, the cast of characters, the lines, and the music.  Gil’s outfits are pretty basic.  For most of the daytime scenes Gil is wearing chinos, a collared shirt, wide belt, and basic brown oxfords.  But it worked perfectly as he embodied the classic Woody Allen character, and the simple elegance of the city of Paris.  This is very much how I dressed when I visited Paris in 2010, and how I would dress when I return sometime in the near future.

The great thing about the way he is dressed, is it can all be easily purchased at a store like (are you ready for it???  It may come as a shock to you) J.Crew.  What?  Did you think it would be something else?  You can check the site yourself, or just follow my handy guide below.

clockwise from top left…

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