Last Fall I had the privilege of traveling to Italy & Germany for work.  We began our trip in Milan, stayed there a few days, then drove through the Swiss Alps to a town in southern Germany called Markdorf.  We spent a day and change there before heading to Stuttgart for about 24 hours.  I enjoyed every part of the trip which got better as it progressed.  Stuttgart was definitely my favorite part.

Traveling as I have in recent months I’ve come to realize what I like and what I dislike in a hotel.  My company likes us to be thrifty, but there are certain things that I just can’t skimp on.  The hotel has to have a decent gym.  That’s a must.  The rooms need to be clean, and updated.  Internet should be included.  A hotel should be comfortable, but should not look like home.  After all, if hotels looked like home, why would we ever travel?

We stayed at the Parkhotel Stuttgart Messe Airport which is actually just outside the city proper, and fairly close to the airport from which I departed back to New York.  And what the hotels that surround the NYC airports are not, is everything this hotel is.  The rooms are beautiful and comfortable.  The lobby is immaculate.  The bar is low-key and modern.  I didn’t have time for breakfast, but it looked like people were enjoying it.

Rather than go on an on about how much I loved this hotel, I will show you.  Expect more posts like this one as I continue to travel, and grow into more of a hotel enthusiast.