You may have noticed that I have a bit of the travel bug this week.  Kristina and I have been talking about planning a trip for this spring, and possibly again in the fall.  We both enjoy traveling.  She prefers to go places with historical value, while I tend to enjoy relaxing on a beach, and/or indulging in local food and beverage.  But we do agree on many vacation ideas.  One of the best trips we took together was to Paris in 2010.  I’d never been before; she’s been there a few times.  I had a great tour guide, and indulged plenty.

This year we are thinking of taking a long weekend on a Caribbean island somewhere around the middle of spring.  Then later in the year we were considering either South America, somewhere in Europe, or perhaps Israel.  Part of preparing for a trip is having the right clothes, camera, guide books (if needed), and of course, the right luggage.

Last year I picked up the carry-on Tumi T-Tech Data wheeled bag at their outlet in Kittery, ME.  I have used it on nearly every trip I’ve taken since for business, and for pleasure.  Last year, before heading to Europe I picked up the duffel for a little extra packing room.  And you know what?  I’m glad I did!


I was able to pack my Filson briefcase into the duffel while packing my computer into the front computer sleeve of the rolling bag.  I also threw my toiletries, Kindle, ipod, a pair of shoes, camera, and extra socks into the duffel for easy, under-the-seat access while I stowed the roller overhead.  I still had to wait at baggage claim while my colleagues collected their bags, but I didn’t have to collect anything, myself.  And as the duffel opens in the back to slip over the arm of the roller, wheeling it all around was a breeze.

Never underestimate the power of good luggage.  Think of it as an investment – like your bed, or a sofa, or a good suit.