My mother’s birthday happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Day, and this year we all went out for a big Italian dinner (makes sense, right?)  I had some chicken, some veal, a little linguine with clam sauce, and some penne a la vodka.  I also had sautéed escarole and some salad, and also a beer, and some nosh at their house earlier.  Well, in spite of all that I managed to not only lose weight this week, but I cracked 180 lbs!  This week I am thrilled to say I have achieved that goal, and am hurling towards my next milestone of 175.  To date I have lost 19 lbs!

After thinking about this for a while last night, I realized that losing weight isn’t a resolution.  It’s a lifestyle change.  I had been a food blogger.  I didn’t hold back.  I ate and drank and suffered the consequences.  By choosing to not eat and drink as much, and to exercise more I am changing my lifestyle, and working towards goals.  I am happy with my progress so far, and am excited to keep it going.  I do have to thank my Weight Watchers plan, my gym for being open at the crack of dawn, my trainer, Trevor who offers encouragement, and of course, my wife who is supportive, and is also making strides.

I’ve also updated my goals, somewhat.  Getting to a goal weight is one thing.  Maintaining it is something else.  Because once I hit 165 I certainly will not have the freedom to start eating donuts, and big bowls of pasta, and drinking my face off.  I don’t really have much desire to do that anyway.  The goals for the rest of 2012 break down like this:

  • Get to 165 lbs by Memorial Day weekend (or sooner)
  • Maintain that weight (+/- 3 lbs) throughout the summer
  • Kick off Fall on my 35th birthday (it’s September 21st if anyone wants to buy me a present) being in the best health of my life – 165 lbs, good cholesterol level, etc.
  • Run a 10K before the end of Fall
  • Maintain my weight through the holiday season
  • Weigh in on January 2nd – exactly 1 year after starting this diet – at 165 lbs.

I know I can do this, and with the continued support of my friends and family, and everyone who has offered words on encouragement on Crabapple, Twitter, and Facebook, I know I will be successful.