I feel like I should rename this blog, The Unofficial J.Crew Menswear Blog & Stuff About Weight Loss.  Really, I don’t write about much else.  Ok, so I throw in the occasional post about a hotel or The New York Mets or hipsters, but these days I stick with what I’m really interested in.  I guess part of that stems from spending most days working from home.  Sure, 95% of my day is spent doing actual work…ok, probably more like 90%…and the rest of that is spent day dreaming.  I think about clothes I want when I hit my ideal weight.  I think about winning the lottery, taking big vacations, writing a novel or a screenplay (I’m actually building a story now. I think you will like it!) and wondering if I will enjoy this coming baseball season (please, Mets.  At least be entertaining!)

But I digress.  I get excited once or twice a month when J.Crew releases new styles.  At the beginning of the month we get a whole new catalog.  But around the middle is when we are treated to a few new styles.  This month did not disappoint.  To start, I really like the Glen plaid linen sportcoat in Ludlow fit for $398 (above.)  It rivals the herringbone version.  I could use a jacket like one of those to mix up my spring/summer business options.  Currently I have a jacket in solid navy, and one in solid grey that I wear to most business meetings.  For social engagements I throw in a casual cotton navy jacket with a thin stripe.  I also have a corded cotton jacket from GANT that has a seersucker look to it (but seersucker it is not) that Kristina absolutely hates.  I may end up putting it on ebay with a bunch of other stuff I just cleaned out of my closet.  More on that next week.  The idea is to sell enough stuff that I never wear, or that doesn’t fit anymore, and use the money to buy a few new items.  Like my logic?

Here are some more highlights…

Woolrich John Rich & Bros.™ travel jacket $395

I have already featured this jacket in my post about Paris (yesterday), but I felt the need to highlight it again.  I really like this jacket.  It is not cheap by any means, so this is one of those items I would wait to buy until I’ve offset the price by at least half with ebay sales.  I feel this jacket would be perfect for travel to anyplace where I would be exploring sites like Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Rome, etc.

Cotton stripe sweater $79.50

This is another item that actually hit the site at the beginning of the month.  But it wasn’t until now that I thought that maybe I could get away with wearing horizontal stripes again.  The price isn’t bad.  This looks like the perfect sweater for a cool summer evening at the beach.

Slim Thomas Mason® fabric button-down dress shirt in purple stripe $135

I really like the Thomas Mason shirts.  And now that they are selling the dress shirts in the slim fit with a smaller collar, I may consider purchasing one.  Now, if only they would size them by number…

Tompkins pant in vintage slim fit $96

I would love to get a pair of khakis that fit like jeans.  Great for travel or anytime.  I really like the J.Crew vintage slim fit jeans, so these would be perfect.

Railroad graphic tee $29.50 

Just because I love New York, Boston, & Providence.

Braided straw trilby hat $40

I probably would never buy this.  Whatever…

Rail and Wharf 48-hour duffel $118

I’m a sucker for good-looking travel bags.  I have no need for a new one, but if I did I would consider something like this.  And they will monogram it for an extra $10.

Rail and Wharf dopp kit $48

You can monogram the dopp kit too!

Lavett&Chin® No. 2 pomade $38

Ok, so this is a little silly, but I do like how J.Crew is selling these sorts of products now.  I currently pay about half of that for my hair product.  I thought $18 was expensive for hair stuff, but now that I see this I don’t feel so bad.

Go to J.Crew New Arrivals to view all items and more.